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Books with a bite: A new era of vampire reads


Vampires are having a moment. It’s their time to sparkle in the (not literal) sun, and I couldn’t be happier to see the influx of new vampire books this year. These new releases will entertain us with their own versions of this classic monster tale, whether they’re romantic or horrifying or a combination of the two.

Regular listeners of the Professional Book Nerds (PBN) podcast may remember our 3-part series on Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. If you want to catch up, here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3.

As a Twilight girlie through and through, I never really stopped reading vampire books. But it seems like I’m finally getting some fresh, new vampire reads to swoon over. I was adding so many “books with bite” to my TBR in the Libby app, I figured I’d share them with my fellow vampire book lovers.

Read on for some top recommendations. And for a longer list, listen to this new episode of the PBN podcast:

So ThirstySo Thirsty by Rachel Harrison
🎧 Audiobook

Looking for a feminist horror vampire tale that reads a bit like Thelma and Louise? Look no further than Rachel Harrison’s newest effort. When two best friends get away for a weekend, things take a turn when they meet and party with some alluring strangers. Done in only the way that Rachel Harrison can do, this book is part friendship manifesto, part vampire tale, and part horrific thrill ride.

Filthy Rich Vampire🎧 Filthy Rich Vampire by Geneva Lee

Twilight meets Fifty Shades of Grey in the Filthy Rich Vampires series. Julian is a wealthy, single vampire looking for a wife. Thea is a young, human cellist NOT looking for someone like Julian. When they both come to an arrangement to fake date for one year, they discover they might have very real feelings. Can they navigate their desires while everyone else has ulterior motives against them?

My Roommate is a VampireMy Roommate Is a Vampire by Jenna Levine
🎧 Audiobook

If the darker side of vampirism isn’t for you, you’re in luck. My Roommate Is a Vampire is a romantic comedy with — you guessed it — a vampire roommate. Cassie is a struggling artist on the verge of being evicted from her apartment. She’s desperately seeking affordable housing when she stumbles upon an apartment that’s perfect. But there has to be a catch, right? Well, her new roommate would be the handsome Frederick. He looks like he’s straight out of a regency romance and he… sleeps all day. Things take a turn when she finds a bag of blood in the fridge and Frederick makes an interesting proposition for Cassie...

The Scarlet VeilThe Scarlet Veil (and The Scarlet Veil 2) by Shelby Mahurin
🎧 Audiobook

Fans of Mahurin’s Serpent and Dove series are in for a treat with this spinoff series that dives deeper into the seedy underbelly of Belterra. Célie has taken her vows to join the Chassuers as their first huntswoman. Engaged to the captain of the Chassuers, Jean Luc, and determined to prove herself, Célie is determined to hunt and vanquish the darkness that’s rising… unless she falls prey to it first. We’re also getting a sequel to this story later this year, but details are light! Catch up on the first installment so that you’re ready for book 2 as soon as it’s out in October 2024.

*Title availability may vary by library & region.

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Published Jun 21, 2024


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