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June’s biggest books in the UK


Jun 06, 2024

The UK is bracing for a heatwave and we’ve got the hottest new book releases for June to match. Whether you're lounging in the shade of your garden or seeking refuge in an air-conditioned café, load up on your favourites from our featured picks!

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Start the month off with Parade, a book that will have you amazed at author Rachel Crusk’s unique storytelling. This path-breaking novel tells a story about an artist’s life, art, family, morality, gender, and how we compose ourselves.

The perfect complement to music festival season will be Honey by Isabel Banta, described by author Holly Bourne as “like Daisy Jones soaked in Britney Spears.” Say no more — we're in! Okay... we'll say a little more. This read is inspired by the starlets of the 90s and noughties who became as infamous for their personal lives as their hypersexualised music videos and lyrics. Honey is a novel about the journey from girlhood to womanhood and how far we're willing to go in the pursuit of love.

What’s any TBR list without a murder mystery thriller? From the bestselling author of The Guest List and The Paris Apartment, Lucy Foley is back with The Midnight Feast, a binge-worthy read that takes place during the opening weekend of a luxury countryside retreat where a murder and a 15-year-old secret will crash the party.

If twisting thrillers are your thing, then you’ll want to read The End of Summer by Charlotte Philby at the start of summer. This is a gripping tale about a mother and daughter, each with big secrets of their own, and the past finally catching up to them.

Try an audiobook!

🎧🌞 June is Audiobook Appreciation Month, so consider listening to one of these books on your next road trip, workout, or while lounging poolside. Many books are available in both ebook and audiobook formats — check out your library’s collection to see what’s available!

Grab a cold drink and let these cool reads transport you far from the sweltering heat.

*Title availability may vary by library & region.

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