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BookTuber Christine Riccio is back with “Attached at the Hip,” an irresistible YA romance


Christine Riccio is a New York Times bestselling author and has been an enduring online presence for over a decade through her popular YouTube channel, PolandBananasBOOKS. With a loyal following of over 440k book-loving subscribers, Riccio advocates for literacy and shares her love for books, passionately talking about some of her favorite authors like Cassandra Clare, Alexandra Bracken, and Adam Silvera.

She’s encouraged thousands of people to read more with her book club BOOKSPLOSION, alongside Jesse The Reader and Katytastic. Riccio's channel not only showcases her love for reading, plus her favorite TV shows and movie adaptations, but it also offers a glimpse into her creative process, particularly her writing journey.

If you’ve followed Riccio’s channel like I have for years, you’ll know her love for the TV show Survivor is no secret, a fixation she's openly shared. Much like her eclectic tastes, her books are a fusion of her lifelong fascinations.

Christine Riccio's booksFor instance, her debut novel, Again, But Better, a rom-com that chronicles the adventures of an American student studying abroad in London is also an experience close to Riccio's heart, having found it profoundly transformative herself. Similarly, her sophomore novel, Better Together, echoes the charm of The Parent Trap, a film she holds dear.

Here’s Riccio sharing how reading has made her the person she is today:

Her new book, out May 21

Attached at the HipRiccio's third novel, Attached at the Hip, promises another dose of romantic comedy with a mix of Survivor meets the drama of The Bachelor.

The new adventure follows Orie, who impulsively applies to a reality TV show where contestants compete for a million-dollar prize on a remote island. Orie's shocked when she ends up cast in an experimental romantic edition of the show — and even more surprised to find that her old high-school crush, Remy, has been cast as well. Orie's one of ten contestants, set to compete in formidable challenges, while speed dating, in the wilderness... without deodorant, toilets, shaving cream, or showers. (How!?) She finds herself tied up — literally — in a game of risky alliances as she navigates ever-growing feelings for her one that got away, alongside an exciting array of budding new relationships.

*Title availability may vary by library & region.

Whether it’s through her YouTube channel, literary endeavors, or her latest venture into podcasting with Those Forking Fangirls — Riccio infuses her signature blend of comedy and a deep love of literature, captivating fans with her wit and humor.

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Published May 16, 2024


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