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7 travel guides to help you plan your summer adventure


As the days grow longer and summer nears, it can only mean one thing: vacation time! Whether you’re headed to the beach to relax or ready to push yourself to the limits on a back country camping trip, enjoy the time off at your own pace. And no matter what style of vacation you prefer, you’ll likely find yourself googling “best things to do near X.” While that’s a good place to start, we want to provide you with more comprehensive resources to make your 2024 vacation the best one yet.

To start planning, find the best new travel guides for 2024 below, available for free on the Libby app. Whether you're venturing close to home or traveling internationally, you can borrow new titles on the Libby app from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. Get itineraries, maps, expert advice, beautiful photos, and more. Who knows, maybe the only thing keeping you from getting lost on the Appalachian Trail (Hatchet or The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, anyone?) is that map you downloaded for offline use in Libby!

DK Eyewitness National Parks of the USADK Eyewitness: National Parks of the USA by DK Eyewitness
Release date:
July 2, 2024

Visiting all of the national parks in the U.S. is on my bucket list. If it’s on yours too, start planning with DK Eyewitness: National Parks of the USA. This brand new edition has been updated so you know you’re getting the best and most accurate information as you plan your trip. This can be important since the national parks are wild and subject to change, as was the case with a road closure in Yellowstone that lasted for two years. DK Eyewitness provides you the most accurate information about our park system, presented through maps, expert insights from park rangers, photographs, and even hand-drawn illustrations. You can also find DK Eyewitness staff’s top experiences to have at every national park, top rated spots to eat, drink, and stay, plus itineraries and checklists that’ll make planning a breeze.

Out in the WorldOut in the World: The Gay Guide to Traveling with Pride by Stefan Arestis and Sebastien Chaneac

Authored by experts in travel, this book offers exciting destinations, activities, and accommodations tailored specifically to the LGBTQ+ community. Known as “The Nomadic Boys,” Stefan and Sebastien are widely known for their travel blog by the same name. By recording and documenting their adventures, they provide their readers with tips to stay safe while abroad while also offering the opportunity to connect with local communities.

Whether you're seeking fast-paced cities known for their vibrant LGBTQ+ scenes or tranquil getaways where you can be your authentic self, this guide delivers helpful tips for travelers. Providing travel experiences on six different continents and dozens of cities and towns across the world, The Nomadic Boys will make sure you feel confident in any adventure you take!

Where Should We Camp Next?Where Should We Camp Next? by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi

Embarking on a camping trip often feels like a tremendous undertaking. Being a camper myself for almost a decade, all the logistics that go into planning even the simplest weekend car-camping trip can still feel overwhelming. But fear not! This is the perfect guide for those looking for some guidance on camping logistics — whether it’s your first or 100th trip. Stephanie Puglisi, a veteran camper and guide, transforms the daunting task of choosing a campground into an exciting adventure, encouraging readers to get out in nature and enjoy it. With an emphasis on connecting both with nature and with those you are with in nature, Stephanie pushes readers to go outside their comfort zone and to recognize the beauty around them.

Readers of all camping experience levels will appreciate detailed descriptions of each campground's amenities, activities, hikes, and nearby attractions, making it easy to fill in your own itinerary along the way. Additionally, Puglisi shares practical tips and advice on essential camping gear, meal planning, packing, and safety making it a smooth and enjoyable experience. Pro tip: Bringing this book with you on your smartphone frees up space for your other camping supplies!

Frommer's FranceFrommer’s France by Anna E. Brooke and others Release date: June 11, 2024

If your ideal vacation is traveling internationally and immersing yourself in the culture of a new country, Frommer’s guidebooks are a great place to start.

This is the latest edition of their travel guide focused solely on France, but with 350 guidebooks in 14 different series, there’s a lot more destinations to choose from. With details on France’s iconic sights, restaurants, lesser-known attractions, and off-the-beaten-path shops from seasoned locals, this guide makes sure readers experience France like an expert.

Readers recommend Frommer’s guidebooks because of the expert advice, but also due to the itineraries for families on a budget, the solo traveler, an extended trip, and more. Find full-color photos, maps, first-hand interviews of experiences, budget-planning, and candid reviews for restaurants and attractions (not just the positive ones!).

Walt Disney World HacksWalt Disney World Hacks by Susan Veness

Updated for 2024, this book is a valuable resource for both seasoned veterans and newcomers to the magical world of Disney. Veness, a Disney enthusiast, delivers a comprehensive guide filled with insider tips and tricks to maximize your trip to the happiest place on Earth. From navigating the parks to optimizing FastPasses, this book serves as a great resource for anyone looking to make the most out of their Disney World trip and ease the stress that often goes into planning for it.

Whether you're planning a family vacation or a solo adventure, Walt Disney World Hacks equips you with the knowledge and strategies to make the most of your time and money at the parks. It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the activities the parks have to offer, but Veness hopes to ease concerns with packing tips, recommendations on what perks to buy into (and which to avoid!), the best way to get a dinner reservation, and much more. With practical advice and insider insights, this book is a must-have companion for anyone embarking on a magical journey to Walt Disney World.

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National Geographic Bucket List Family TravelNational Geographic Bucket List Family Travel by Jessica Gee

For this exclusive issue of National Geographic, the adventure magazine partnered with The Bucket List Family to create the ultimate guide for traveling with a family! With over 1.5 million followers on YouTube, The Bucket List Family exploded onto the travel blog scene in 2019 with their family-focused itineraries and tips. The family of five (with three children under the age of 7) have been all over the world and document their travels so that others can see that it’s possible to travel as a family abroad and not break your bank account.

The expert tips are broken down into 50 different itineraries so it’s easy to find one that works for you and your family. Also included are tips on packing for all ages, how to survive a 12-hour plane ride with the kiddos, budgeting, how to pick a destination that works for everyone, and much more. Featuring guides from Alaska to Berlin and even to the Galapagos, there’s a trip for every type of family.

National Geographic TravellerNational Geographic Traveller by National Geographic

Exclusively available in digital only, Traveller captures readers attention with its in-depth research, expert advice on traveling to off-the-path destinations, beautiful photos, and helpful tips. National Geographic’s passion for sustainable travel and celebrating local perspectives is unmatched and their guides help foster authentic travel experiences for both first time travelers and experts alike. Be sure to check out their newest edition that released on May 1. Destinations featured include Le Man, Fez, Tokyo, the Yucatan, Mexico City, and more!

*Title availability may vary by library & region.

Half the fun of any trip is planning and anticipating it. Use these guides in the Libby app as your North Star for your next trip.

Safe travels!

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Published May 07, 2024


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