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Dearest gentle readers,

If one is akin to the majority among us, one finds oneself eagerly marking the passage of days until we may once again rendezvous with Her Majesty Queen Charlotte, the Featheringtons, Lady Danbury, and the illustrious company that graces our hearts and minds — also known as Bridgerton, the hit TV series now in its third season premiering on May 16.

Even those not typically swept off their feet by romance or historical fiction have found themselves captivated by the dry humor, juicy plotlines, and steamy scenes set in 1800s high society London, thanks to the screen magic of creator Shonda Rimes, who adapted the show from the book series by romance writer Julia Quinn. This collection of novels features each of the eight alphabetically named children of the late Viscount Bridgerton (Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth) and follows them on their quest to find love in old English society.

In Season 3, we’ll see that even wallflowers can bloom as we follow the love story of Penelope and her longtime crush, Colin. So don your frilliest dress, pour a cup of tea, and relive the dazzling period romance by reading the series (in order) or tide yourself over until Part 2 arrives on June 13 with a little preview of the friends-to-lovers romance in Romancing Mister Bridgerton (the basis for Season 3).

And for more books like Bridgerton, check out the collection below on the Libby app for more head-over-heels steamy Regency romance romps.

The Duke and IThe Duke and I

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 1, Daphne’s Story

The Viscount Who Loved MeThe Viscount Who Loved Me

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 2, Anthony’s Story

An Offer From a GentlemanAn Offer From a Gentleman

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 3, Benedict’s Story

Romancing Mister BridgertonRomancing Mister Bridgerton

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 4, Penelope & Colin’s Story

To Sir Phillip, With LoveTo Sir Phillip, With Love

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 5, Eloise’s Story

When He Was WickedWhen He Was Wicked

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 6, Francesca’s Story

It's In His KissIt's in His Kiss

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 7, Hyacinth’s Story

On the Way to the WeddingOn the Way to the Wedding

🎧 Audiobook available

Book 8, Gregory’s Story

*Title availability may vary by library & region.

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Published May 06, 2024


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