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Explore a little something “Extra” in the Libby app


Apr 18, 2024

Did you know that you can watch movies, take classes, and attend concerts with your library card? As if your library didn’t get you tons of free stuff already. These are just a few of the free resources you can access in the Libby app – right along with your favorite ebooks and audiobooks.

What are Libby Extras?

As you’re scrolling through Libby, you may have noticed an “Extras” section. Some libraries offer these extra learning or entertainment resources – and many offer several! Every library’s offerings are different, so check to see what your individual library offers. (This is your sign to add more than one library card in Libby. More library cards = more options!)

Libby Extras

How do I access Libby Extras?

To get started with an Extra, tap a provider, then tap Get. This will take you out of Libby to get access to the service. Your library card gives you free access, but some providers may require you to create an account before you can use their service.

Extras don't count against your borrowing limit in Libby. Learn more about borrowing or accessing Libby Extras.

What Libby Extras are available?

As mentioned above, every library offers different services to fit their community’s needs, so check in the Libby app or directly on your library’s website to see what’s available to you.

Here are just a few of the Libby Extras you may be able to access with your library card:


Stream critically acclaimed movies, inspiring documentaries, award-winning foreign films, and more for free from your TV or device. Learn how to get started on Kanopy.


Get ready to strike a chord with these self-paced online music lessons taught by the masters. Players of all levels will improve skills, get feedback, and practice with purpose.

CraftsyCraftsy and Craftsy en español

Stop dreaming and start making with access to fun, creative classes where you can express yourself through cooking, drawing, knitting, quilting, and more.

The Great CoursesThe Great Courses

Never stop learning. The Great Courses offers university-level courses for lifelong learners on just about anything and everything.

Ground NewsGround News

Compare headlines across the political spectrum and spot media bias using ratings driven by data.


Interesting in antiquing? Check out Kovels, the go-to source for expert information, pricing, and trends on antiques and collectibles.


Did you know you can print or download do-it-yourself legal forms in 5-10 minutes? Lease agreements, power of attorney, wills… all customized, all free with your library card.


Enhance your wellness practices and personal development with hundreds of expert-led live classes covering topics like meditation, parenting, and spirituality.

Method Learning - Test PrepMethod Learning - Test Prep

Get into the school of your dreams! Improve ACT & SAT scores & make it happen with Method Learning’s self-paced online lessons.

Method Learning - Financial LiteracyMethod Learning - Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy lays the foundation for students to build strong money management habits early on.

Method Learning - Financial SuccessMethod Learning - Academic Success

Academic Success is designed for students who need some help with organizing, planning, and executing their academic and extracurricular lives.

Stingray ClassicaStingray Classica

Watch and listen to beautiful classical music, operas, and ballets from around the world.

QelloQello Concerts by Stingray

Attend live music concerts from the comfort of home! Stream on-demand full-length concerts and music documentaries on your favorite device.

Download the Libby app from your library to get started, or check your library’s website for individual offerings and additional details.

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