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Share what you’re reading with friends directly from the Libby app


Feb 20, 2024

Do you love reading? Me too.

Do you love getting book recs from friends? Me too.

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Do you want to tell the whole world about the book you stayed up reading until 3 AM because you just had to know what happens? Right there with you (yawn).

It happens all too often. A friends or family member will be so excited to tell me about a new book they’re loving. Weeks or months later when I’m finally ready for a new book, I’ll try to recall...what was the name of that one book they were telling me about? It sounded good, I think? Starts with an “F...”? Something about dragons?

There’s a super easy way to avoid this brain blip and share a link to the book you’re loving in the Libby app with your friends and family. The next time they’re ready for a new read, it’ll already be on their wish list or ready to find in Libby. Keep reading to learn how! 👇🏽

Libby share title pageHere’s how to share a book via text, email or social media in Libby:

On the title details page, you’ll see a Share icon. Tap the icon and then choose to send the shared title page through text, email or social.

The shared title page will display the title, book cover, basic details, summary and nearby libraries that offer the book through Libby.

Spread your love of reading and your love for the Libby app!

Export your reading data from the Libby app

Since we’re in the sharing mood, here’s a few more things you may not have known you can share from your Libby app. Export and share your tags, your timeline or your notes and highlights within a book (the latter being particularly helpful to gather and remember the notes you made for your book club meeting!).

Libby export spreadsheet

Share your reading activity in Libby on Goodreads

A personal favorite: You can share your Libby tags or activity on Goodreads. I participate in their yearly reading challenge, but often forget to track what I’ve read. This is helpful to add in everything easily so you won’t miss a single book.

To import your tags or activity into Goodreads:

1. Export a tag or your activity as a spreadsheet from Libby.

2. Send or transfer the spreadsheet to a computer.

3. On your computer, follow Goodreads's steps to import books into your account.

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