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Blind date with a book: 5 chances to meet your literary love match


Feb 07, 2024

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality dating shows. Every once in awhile, I just need to plow through a series like Married at First Sight or Love is Blind and give in to the mind-melting matchmaking. There’s nothing quite like the indulgence of peering into the spectacle that is 25 contestants competing for the same person or virtual strangers starting their lives as a married couple. Even if it’s not real, isn’t it fun just to let yourself get lost in the bingeable antics?

You have to admit there’s an allure to looking for love—the excitement of the chase and the satisfaction when you’ve met your match. That’s why we’ve recreated that longing and loving feeling...but with books!

In a cross between a blind date and speed dating, we’re introducing you to 5 eligible ebooks waiting for their reader to whisk them away.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Read each book’s Q&A and give them a chance to win you over.
  2. Click on the ? book cover after you’ve chosen your match to reveal the title!
  3. Borrow on the Libby app and read happily ever after.

❤️ Will it be love? Only one way to find out.

Book 1

Book 1What’s your genre?
I’m kind of a memoir, kind of literature. I don’t like to be put in a box.

Tell me more about yourself.
I’m set on answering one question: Is there life after the internet? I explore the impact of social media on our lives. Not to brag or anything, but I’ve won a few awards.

How would readers describe you?
I’m funny, intimate, witty, won’t forget me.

Book 2

Book 2What’s your genre?
I’m a gripping psychological thriller. Once I’ve gotten ahold of you, I won’t let go.

Tell me more about yourself.
I’m a little dark, but that’s why you like me. I tell the story of a criminal psychotherapist who unravels the mystery behind a woman's sudden silence after being accused of murdering her husband.

How would readers describe you?
Suspenseful, yet thought-provoking. If you’re into psychology, mental health and the complexities of the human mind, check me out.

Book 3

Book 3What’s your genre?
Dystopian science fiction

Tell me more about yourself.
Wondering how artificial intelligence might impact human connection? I’m your book. This is the fictional story of an empathetic humanoid robot designed to be a companion to children in the not-so-distant future.

How would readers describe you?
I have an unforgettable narrator, and have been called “a poignant meditation on love and loneliness.”

Book 4

Book 4What’s your genre?
Magical realism, but also part political commentary with elements of historical fiction (I’m multi-dimensional).

Tell me more about yourself.
I follow several generations of a family as their lives, loves and struggles unfold, mixing in magical and strange events.

How would readers describe you?
I’m lush, poetic, dreamlike. I’m an enduring fantasy.

Book 5

Book 5What’s your genre?
Adventure all the way. Even at my age, few have come close to reaching my epic status. Some say I’m the GOAT when it comes to adventure stories.

Tell me more about yourself.
I dive into themes like obsession, fate and the untamable force of nature. Hop on board if you’re looking for a wild boat ride in a relentless pursuit for revenge.

How would readers describe you?
Influential, complex, symbolic, deep—as deep as the sea.

Did you find the one? Search the Libby app from your local library for more books sure to sweep you off your feet.

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About the Author

Annie Suhy has been working in the book industry since 2006. When she’s not working, practicing yoga, or petting cats, she’s doing paint-by-numbers and buying more plants. An avid poetry fan, her favorite collection is "The Splinter Factory" by Jeffrey McDaniel.


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