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5 New Year’s resolutions your library can help you keep this year


Jan 03, 2024

Let’s be real. Setting resolutions is rarely fun. Self-improvement takes a lot of time and even more discipline. But what if I told you there was a totally free one-stop shop that’s designed to help you achieve your goals? Chances are, you already have the key to the kingdom—your library card! Now, all you have to do is put it to use.

With your library card, you can access a wealth of resources to guide you to success. Here are five resolutions that you can easily achieve with the help of your local library and the free Libby app:

Save money

If you’re like me and wince every time you’re handed the receipt at the grocery store, your resolution likely involves saving a few bucks this year. Enter the library—a fool-proof solution to spending less.

✔️ Sign up for a personal finance class

Many libraries provide money management courses for their patrons both in-person and through their digital offerings like The Great Courses. Learn about budgeting, investing and more for free!

✔️ Cut the cord on monthly subscriptions

With apps like Libby to borrow ebooks, audiobooks and magazines and Kanopy to borrow films and TV shows, the only card you’ll have to pull out of your wallet is your library card!

✔️ Prioritize borrowing over buying

Be sure to check your library’s website to see all the things available to borrow beyond books and movies. You might be surprised. Columbus Metropolitan Library’s (OH) Culture Pass, for example, allows their patrons to borrow admission passes to museums, aquariums, sporting events and more. Want more free stuff? Check out 12 free things you can get with your library card.



Choosing the right volunteer opportunity is a surefire way to stick with it in the long run. And because libraries are made to support the diverse communities they’re a part of, their volunteer opportunities often have a lot of variety, too! From shelving books to teaching someone English as a second language, you’ll be sure to find the volunteer opportunity that keeps you coming back again and again.

Start a new hobby

Craftsy-300x300.pngIs this the year that you’re finally resolving to learn to crochet, pick up a new language or master a new instrument? Well, you’ll be happy to hear the library has the know-how and resources to get you started. With many libraries offering Libby Extras like Craftsy, The Great Courses and ArtistWorks, you can learn a new hobby at your own pace from the comfort of home.

Expand your social circle

Looking to meet new people and read more in the process? Join a book club!


These days, libraries like the King County Library System (WA) offer a range of monthly discussion groups, covering topics such as comics, #BookTok trends, BIPOC authors, cookbooks and more. I always say, the quickest way to friendship is a mutual love of reading and a list of conversation topics someone else had to come up with.

Wild card (Any resolution)

Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, just like books! Whether you’re hoping to travel more, worry less or stir up something delicious in the kitchen, the library's sure to have exactly the book you need to achieve your goals.

So, dig into the physical shelves at your local branch or explore the collections on the digital shelves in Libby and begin reading your way to a better you.


About the Author

Marissa Gillett has a passion for travel and love of reading that led her to join OverDrive’s Digital Bookmobile team in 2019. As the full-time traveler with the Digital Bookmobile, she helps library patrons across the U.S. and Canada learn how to use the Libby app. On her long drives between cities, she’s usually listening to magical realism fiction or adventure memoirs.


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