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Libby app wrapped 2023: The year’s best new features


Dec 14, 2023

Somehow, a new year's about to begin. If you’re also anticipating mistyping the year for several weeks after Jan. 1, we’ll get through it together! In the meantime, let’s reflect on some Libby app highlights from 2023.

Suggesting titles to your library


Have you ever wished you could suggest a title to your library for them to add to their digital collection? Libby’s answer is deep search, which allows you to include titles your library doesn’t offer in search results.

Deep search is accompanied by the “Notify Me” smart tag. When you apply this tag to a title your library doesn’t currently offer, it shares your interest in that title with your library and sends you a notification if your library decides to purchase it.

Importing your OverDrive reading history

In May 2023, Libby became the primary reading app as the legacy OverDrive app was discontinued. If you’d used the OverDrive app, Libby now accounts for that history: When you add a library card with borrowing history from OverDrive, Libby adds those titles to your timeline.

Libby_app_wrapped_magazines.pngStreamlining access to magazines

If your library offers them in their Libby collection, reading magazines is now simplified: Just find a magazine and tap Open Magazine to start reading.

You can find any magazines you’ve decided to keep on your Magazine Rack (the magazine-specific section of your Shelf). To explore your library’s entire magazine catalog, tap the blank cover image.

When you close a magazine to move on to something else, you can:

✔️ Decide whether you’d like to keep the magazine on your Magazine Rack for 7 days.

✔️ Subscribe and get notifications when new issues of that magazine are added to the collection.

✔️ View all other issues of the magazine.

Ongoing priorities

The Libby team dedicates considerable time and effort identifying, reproducing and resolving meddlesome bugs. These are driven in part by insightful reports from readers. If you’ve ever brought an issue to our technical support team, the staff at your library or Libby on social media, we’re grateful that you care enough to ask about it!

To reach more readers and provide even more customization options, support for 6 more languages was added (British English, Danish, Icelandic, Korean, Malay and Tamil), bringing the total to 15.

A year for the books

This year witnessed many meaningful improvements to Libby, and 2024 has some exciting updates coming our way! To stay up to date on Libby app updates in the year ahead, subscribe to Libby Life.

I wish each of you a new year filled with contentment, safety and good health.

Happy reading!


About the Author

Owen Park is a technical writer for OverDrive and contributor to Libby Life. Apart from writing for a living, he enjoys trivia, composing music, pen-and-paper sketching, Tolkien lore and spending time with his wife, son, dog and two cats.


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