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Our favorite authors of 2023


Dec 04, 2023

We love talking books on the Professional Book Nerds (PBN) podcast. So, naturally, we love talking to the people who write them. Every week, the Nerds (also known as Emma and Joe) interview some of the biggest authors — James Patterson, Kwame Alexander, Lee Child, Jodi Picoult, Colleen Hoover, Cassandra Clare, Rebecca Yarros—asking anything from what inspires them to what’s their go-to coffee order. With interviews going back all the way to 2015, you name ‘em, PBN has probably chatted with them.

If you haven’t listened to the highly rated book nerdery yet, you can expect to find fun, casual author interviews like catching up with a friend over coffee, except these friends come with insightful, well-researched questions and a deep knowledge of books. Authors then dish on what inspires them to write, what’s coming next for their fans and much more.

This year on the podcast, Emma and Joe got a chance to with talk true crime with Jessica Knoll, discuss breaking news with Riley Sager, conquer the world with Emily Henry and Julie Whelan, and even turn into a teenage monster with Chloe Spencer. Although it’s tough to pick favorites, we asked, "What were your most memorable author interviews from 2023?"

Emma DwyerEmma’s picks

Check out a few of Emma's most memorable interviews from 2023.

Rebecca Yarros

It was a joy to chat with the author of Fourth Wing and Iron Flame, arguably two of the biggest books of the year.

Kennedy Ryan

The conversation with Kennedy made me think about the romance genre in a whole new an advocate for change and to continue to shine light on stories from all walks of life.

Santino Fontana

My favorite audiobook narrator of ALL time, this had to be in my top conversations of 2023! A moment I'll never forget (or recover from).

Emily Henry & Julia Whelan

What a dynamic author/narrator duo. I look up to these women for what they’re doing in their fields, and it was fantastic to chat with both to hear their insight on the industry, romance readers and Emily’s book, Happy Place.

Caroline Kepnes

Regular listeners will know that I’ve been talking about the You series on PBN, first as a guest and now as a host, for the better part of 5 years. Chatting with Caroline about one of her most fun installments in the series, For You and Only You, was a fantastic time!

Joe SkelleyJoe's picks

Check out a few of Joe's most memorable interviews from 2023.

TJ Klune & Daniel Henning

This was such a fun and meaningful conversation with one of my favorite authors and one of my favorite audiobook narrators. There’s no doubt TJ’s work has changed my life, and Daniel’s narration is perfection. I’ll listen to just about anything he’s done.

Ore Agbaje-Williams

This was such a fun conversation! Ore and I really just clicked and got to have a grand old time. Her book is a treat and such a departure from most of what I’ve read this year.

Ana Reyes

Ana and I recorded toward the end of 2022 for her debut title, The House in the Pines, before any of us knew that she was being selected for Reese’s Book Club. This is a fabulous thriller that incorporates unreliable narrators, struggling with prescription withdrawal, navigating grief and the dangers of strangers who prey.

Clay McLeod Chapman & Rachel Harrison

Rachel and Clay are truly killing the horror game. They’re such strong voices in a genre finally seeing the expansion it deserves. Both of their books were a joy AND I love getting to interview with Emma!

Jessica Knoll

True crime is such a huge (and still growing) part of our culture. There’s people on YouTube telling true crime stories while they do their makeup, there’s endless documentaries on serial killers and there’s always interest in tales of serial killer Ted Bundy. Seeing Jessica’s approach to taking the actual crimes of Bundy in Bright Young Women and giving a voice to two victims in a novel format was such a unique and interesting approach to this genre.

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