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New updates in the Libby app make enjoying your favorite magazines even easier


We talk a lot about books here, but another major feature of the Libby app is the ability to read magazines from your library.*

Magazines have been a big part of Libby for a while now, but thanks to a recent update, magazines are easier to enjoy than ever. This latest version of Libby removes the need to borrow a magazine before reading it. It also introduces the Newsstand and Magazine Rack!

Let’s dig into these new features so you’re ready to start reading right away.

Magazine Rack

Browsing the Newsstand

The first step is finding something you want to read. As with any title, this can be done by searching or browsing your library—you can even search or browse with a filter to see only magazines.

With magazines, you also have a new browsing option: The Newsstand. This is a custom-made and more visual way to look for magazines.

To access the Newsstand, go to your Shelf. Below your loans, you’ll see a new section called Magazine Rack. On the Magazine Rack, tap the blank cover image.

Newsstand in the Libby app

You’ll then find yourself at the Newsstand and see a selection of popular titles. You can tap a subject (near the top of the screen) to browse related magazines. Near the subjects, you’ll also see the filter menu; you can use these options to search, sort or filter what you see in the Newsstand.

Read with a tap

When you find a magazine you like at the Newsstand, tap the cover to start reading immediately. That’s it! It’s so easy that I’m not sure what else to put in this paragraph.

If you found a magazine while searching or browsing your library outside of the Newsstand, you’ll tap Open Magazine to open it instead, but it will still take you directly to the reader, with no need to borrow the title or press any other buttons.

Keeping up on things

Subscribing to a magazine in the Libby app

📌 When you’re done reading a magazine for now, you can press Back to exit the reader. When you do, you’ll see options to keep this issue and subscribe.

📌 If you select Keep For 7 Days, that issue of the magazine will stay on the Magazine Rack on your Shelf for one week. This makes it easy to keep track of specific issues you’re reading and come back to them later.

📌 When you Subscribe to a magazine, the latest issue of the magazine is added to the Magazine Rack on your shelf, and you’ll be notified when a new issue of that magazine is released.

📌 When you tap Subscribe, you’ll be prompted to select or create a Notify Me smart tag. To keep things organized, you may want to have a dedicated Notify Me smart tag for your magazine subscriptions. This makes it easy to find a magazine subscription if you ever want to unsubscribe. This method also allows you to have discrete notification settings for magazines and new books.

The news of the day

That was a very quick introduction to the exciting world of magazines in Libby. I hope this has inspired you to dig in and check out magazines for yourself. If you’re curious to learn more, there is a section dedicated to reading magazines on Libby Help with comprehensive info.

Until next time, happy magazine reading!

*Magazines are not available at all libraries. Check with your local library to learn more about their offerings.

Published Aug 17, 2023


About the Author

Kyle Lewis is a writer for Libby Life and technical writer at OverDrive. Studying philosophy in college, Kyle developed a particular appreciation for short, clear writing. When not scribbling, he can most often be found reading weird fiction, playing cards, or wandering the metro parks.


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