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Heartfelt & hilarious family drama “A Very Typical Family” is the next Big Library Read pick


Jul 11, 2023

If you’re stuck at home with yours this summer, you know that families can be complex and messy. Sharing a space—and a past—can be complicated when you also share a bloodline. No one understands this more than Natalie Walker, the protagonist in A Very Typical Family, who accidentally put hers behind bars.

This delightfully dark-humored, uplifting family saga by Sierra Godfrey is the next pick in the global digital book club, Big Library Read, where readers worldwide can borrow and enjoy the same book at the same time thanks to their public library.

Whether you relate to the sibling drama or are just looking for a great beach read, readers can dive into the ebook or audiobook version from July 13-27 without any waitlists or holds on the Libby app from your local library.

Sierra Godfrey
Author Sierra Godfrey

Set amidst the rich imagery of coastal California, Godfrey’s debut novel engrosses readers in an inheritance struggle mixed with family intrigue and a surprising love story, all while balancing the complex bonds and emotional scars of your typical family.

Already receiving rave reviews (Booklist calls it “atmospheric and uplifting”), this May 2023 release is available with a book club guide featuring Q&A and reading group discussion questions from the author.

More about A Very Typical Family

All families are messy. Some are disasters.

A Very Typical Family

Natalie Walker is the reason her older brother and sister went to prison over 15 years ago. She fled California shortly after that fateful night and hasn't spoken to anyone in her family since. Now, on the same day her boyfriend steals her dream job out from under her, Natalie receives a letter from a lawyer saying her estranged mother has died and left the family's historic Santa Cruz house to her. Sort of. The only way for Natalie and her siblings to inherit it is for all three adult children to come back and claim it—together.

Natalie drives cross-country to Santa Cruz with her willful cat in tow expecting to sign some papers, see siblings Lynn and Jake briefly, and get back to sorting out her life in Boston. But Jake, now an award-winning ornithologist, is missing. And Lynn, working as an undertaker in New York City, shows up with a teenage son. While Natalie and her nephew look for Jake—meeting a very handsome marine biologist who immediately captures her heart—she unpacks the guilt she has held onto for so many years, wondering how (or if) she can salvage a relationship with her siblings after all this time.

Special interview 🎤

At 11 AM PT July 20, author Sierra Godfrey will be joined by Liberty Hardy of Book Riot for a live interview and Q&A session, thanks to the Contra Costa County Library (CA). Following will be a special reading from Godfrey’s next book, The Second Chance Hotel.

Register for free here.

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