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The most popular romance books of all time in the Libby app


Apr 25, 2023

What’s the one thing that unites us all? Love. ❤️ Maybe that’s why we love reading about it so much. Consistently one of the most popular genres in the book industry, romance dominates readers’ bookshelves and ereaders month after month. If supermarket paperbacks featuring bodice rippers and muscle men with flowing locks come to your mind when I say “romance,” then keep reading because there’s so much more to the expansive genre. While there’s no shame in a steamy bodice ripper, the romance genre is wide-ranging and continues to shift and expand to become as inclusive and diverse as its readers.

"While there’s no shame in a steamy bodice ripper, the romance genre is wide-ranging and continues to shift and expand to become as inclusive and diverse as its readers."

From paranormal to dark to inspirational, there’s a category to satisfy every taste. Plus, many well-loved tropes will help you find exactly the kind of story you’re looking for: enemies to lovers, meet-cute, fake dating, love triangle, grumpy vs. sunshine and lots more.

Love stories

While romance novels are nothing new (the first modern day romance novel probably dates back to the 18th century!), there are new generations of readers falling in love with the genre. But regardless of your age, settling into a world of “happily ever after” when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed can be the perfect prescription when the real world gets too dark. And if you’re worried about getting a side-eye glance from a judgy passerby, ebooks from the library are the perfect solution, offering privacy of your reading choices without a back cover staring the world in the face (plus, it's free!).

The best romance books & authors that made us fall in love

Check out this list of the top romance books of all time (adult and YA fiction) that captivated readers in the Libby app. For those unfamiliar with the genre, this list gives you a good starting point. If you’re already a romance fan, see how many of these popular novels you’ve crossed off your list. There might be one that slipped by, or there’s always that old favorite begging to be re-read. Find tried-and-true authors like Janet Evanovich, Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts, Susan Wiggs, Susan Mallery, Nicholas Sparks as well as relative newcomers to the scene like Colleen Hoover, Emily Henry and Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Borrow these free romance ebooks & audiobooks from your local library, and you too, can live happily ever after.

*Title availability may vary by region.


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