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The books you should read this year based on your zodiac sign


Mar 20, 2023

Astrology can offer predictions on everything from what’s ahead in your career or love life to what book you should read next. And with so many books being published these days, and never enough time to read all of them, a little metaphysical guidance can come in handy.

Western Astrology is comprised of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and you can find which sign you fall under based on your birthday. Each has its own distinct characteristics and personality (hello, fiery Aries and intense Scorpios!), and those preferences can extend to reading tastes.

Take some pressure off the hunt for a new read and let fate find your next match with these bookish horoscopes. Even if these predictions aren’t perfect, they may provide valuable insights into your reading habits and help you connect with a book you otherwise wouldn’t have chosen.

Check out these celestial picks on the Libby app from your library. Check back for an updated book forecast during your month’s star sign and keep the good reading energy flowing all year long.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Pisces.pngCharacteristics: Intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, imaginative, sensitive

Natural dreamers, Pisces are the gracious and kind souls of the zodiac. Wearing their heart on their sleeve, they're in touch with their own deep emotions and won’t mind reading about others’ big feelings as well. Their imaginations are vivid and active, making novels with magical realism their cup of tea. They're romantic—often excessively so—and will be drawn to a book with tender, heartfelt themes.

Pisces book picks

Pisces book picks:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Aries.pngCharacteristics: Bold, competitive, adventurous, ambitious, energetic

Fiery Aries are active, on-the-go and filled with an enthusiasm for life, which makes courageous travel memoirs a must. They tend to be young at heart, and don’t mind being transported back to younger years with a coming-of-age story. Always up for a challenge and a new adventure, they’ll heartily embrace longer reads or taking on a new series.

Aries book picks:

Taurus (April 20-May 20)


Characteristics: Loyal, stubborn, hard-working, dedicated, tenacious

The Taurus may be practical, but they are drawn to beauty and pleasure, and an appreciation for photography or art books. A natural homebody, they will gravitate toward books about loyalty, perseverance and friendship. Ever the romantic who values pleasant relationships, cuddling and long-term love, they will feel at home with a cozy romance.

Taurus book picks:

Gemini (May 21-June 21)


Characteristics: Curious, charismatic, flexible, great communicators, ready to learn

The playful and intellectual Gemini will need heady, but not heavy reads. A smart and witty narrative will give some food for thought and something to talk about at the next book club meeting—a perfect outlet for these talkative social butterflies. This lively and quick-witted sign will especially enjoy the convenience of audiobooks to stimulate their brains while on the go.

Gemini book picks:

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Cancer.pngCharacteristics: Sensitive, emotional, family-oriented, moody, nurturing

The receptive Cancer loves descriptive books that allow them to fully tune into their senses and become immersed in the story. Heavily impacted by the energy around them, comfort reads can be soothing and uplifting for this sign that tends to take on the feelings of others. Highly devoted to their families, they'll enjoy stories that revolve around relationship dynamics.

Cancer book picks:

Leo (July 23-August 22)


Characteristics: Confident, dramatic, creative, arrogant, generous

Leos tend to have big personalities and want to stand out from the crowd. Their enthusiasm for the big, bold and radiant will pair well with celebrity memoirs. They tend to have an affinity for luxury and the finer things in life. With big hearts and a dramatic flare, Leos will appreciate love stories where the characters take center stage.

Leo book picks:

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo.pngCharacteristics: Organized, problem solvers, productive, kind, perfectionists

Analytical Virgos are all about the facts and prefer their books to be factual too. They invest a lot of time and effort into planning, and hone in on books that will help them reach their goals. An appreciation of consistency and familiarity means they may prefer sticking it out with the same series or a well-known author.


Virgo book picks:

Libra (September 23-October 23)

Libra.pngCharacteristics: Balanced, romantic, indecisive, sensitive, social

Seekers of aesthetic pleasure and ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, Libras will be instantly attracted to beautiful book covers. Far from shallow, they value what’s on the inside as well, preferring peace and fairness, and loving and admiring deeply. These elegant and eternal romantics will quickly fall for a richly written love story.


Libra book picks:

Scorpio (October 24-November 21)

ScorpioCharacteristics: Intense, enchanting, secretive, passionate, determined

The dark and mysterious Scorpio will be drawn to books as deliciously alluring as they are. Their powerful minds can be quite imaginative, making fantasy the perfect escape from reality. Deeply emotional, their passionate nature points them to a good enemies-to-lovers trope.

Scorpio book picks

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)


Characteristics: Friendly, optimistic, spontaneous, restless, cheerful

The explorers of the zodiac, Sagittariuses can’t be tied down and were born to be free. Short stories offer low commitment for this antsy type. Constantly seeking new ideas and experiences, they love learning about new topics and improving themselves. They will identify with stories of risk-taking and love riding along for the adventure.

Sagittarius book picks

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

CapricornCharacteristics: Responsible, disciplined, tend to be successful in career and finances, cautious, reserved

The most ambitious and hard-working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns get it done, and they get it done well. On their mission to achieve, you may find them reading a book to get ahead at work, or a new novel with smart and driven characters, much like themselves. Despite their seriousness and self-sufficiency, they have a great sense of humor and love a good laugh to connect with others.

Capricorn book picks:

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

AquariusCharacteristics: Independent, eccentric, intelligent, strong-willed, creative

Aquarians are clever visionaries that prefer books that offer them some mental stimulation with more logic than emotion. They express their offbeat tendencies through their fashion, hobbies and reading choices. They may not go for a buzzworthy bestseller, but opt for a book as unconventional as they are. This air sign is focused on community and the greater good—they loathe small talk, and are ready to read as long as it’s about “we” and not just “me.”

Aquarius book picks:

Align your next read with your star sign by borrowing one of these books on the Libby app from your local library.

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