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Spell-binding psychological thriller “River Woman, River Demon” is the next Together We Read book club pick


Feb 28, 2023

Q: What’s better than reading a good thriller? A: Reading a good thriller with friends. And you can do just that March 1-15, 2023, when readers across the U.S. will be able to borrow the ebook or audiobook of River Woman, River Demon without any holds or wait lists through their library.

Jennifer Givhan
Jennifer Givhan

Were you a fan of the period thriller Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia? If so, then you’ll love this spell-binding psychological thriller by Mexican-American and Indigenous author Jennifer Givhan.

She artfully weaves together folk magick (referring to the ritualization of one’s spiritual intentions and often spelled with a ‘k’) with personal and cultural empowerment, leaving us with a mysterious incantation of reckoning with the past and claiming one's unique power and voice.

Together We Read

This digital book club pick is part of Together We Read, a program that offers community-wide access to the same book at the same time through the Libby reading app. If you’re on the holds list for another book (Spare, anyone?), this could be a great opportunity to discover a new book while you wait. This also means you can start a book club with your best friend in the same city, or stay in touch by reading this book with a relative who lives across the country. Wherever you are, voice your opinion by participating in the online book discussion and connect with other readers.

River Woman, River Demon

More about the book

Eva Santos Moon is a burgeoning Chicana artist who practices the ancient, spiritual ways of brujería and curanderisma, but she's at one of her lowest points—suffering from disorienting blackouts, creative stagnation, and a feeling of disconnect from her magickal roots. When her husband, a beloved university professor and the glue that holds their family together, is taken into custody for the shocking murder of their friend, Eva doesn't know whom to trust—least of all, herself. She soon falls under suspicion as a potential suspect, and her past rises to the surface, dredging up the truth about an eerily similar death from her childhood.

Struggling with fragmented memories and self-doubt, an increasingly terrified Eva fears that she might have been involved in both murders. But why doesn't she remember? Only the dead women know for sure, and they're coming for her with a haunting vengeance. As she fights to keep her family out of danger, Eva realizes she must use her magick as a bruja to protect herself and her loved ones, while confronting her own dark history.

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