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How to read with Kindle from the Libby app (including forgotten lore)


Once upon a midnight dreary, I pondered, tired and weary,
Over olde volumes of forgotten lore, reading Libby on my phone.
While through the pages, I was flipping, suddenly there came a blipping,
As of a message, urgent and gripping, beeping on my mobile phone.
“What’s that,” I muttered, “beeping on my mobile phone?”
“Batt'ry dead” was what it shown.

Is there anything scarier than being alone in your chambers reading some forgotten lore, when suddenly, your phone dies? Do you enjoy bringing your Kindle to Night’s Plutonian shore for some outdoor, arcane studies? Fortunately, you can find surcease of sorrow by reading the books you borrowed from the library with the Libby app on your Amazon Kindle.

There are three ways to read library books from Libby on Kindle:

  • Send your loans to your Kindle with Libby (U.S. libraries only).
  • Install Libby on your Kindle Fire tablet from the Amazon Appstore.
  • Sideload the Libby app on your Amazon Fire tablet.

Read with Kindle

If you belong to a U.S. library, you can send books you borrowed in Libby to your Kindle. To do so:

Read with Kindle on Libby✔️ Go to your Shelf, then tap loans.

✔️ Find the title you want to send to your Kindle and tap Read With….

✔️ Select Kindle.

✔️ If you aren’t already signed into your Amazon account, you’ll be prompted to sign in.

✔️ Verify that the device in the “Deliver To” drop-down is the device you want, then select Get Library Book.

Once you send a title to your Kindle, it will default to the option of “Read with Kindle” for the duration of the loan. If you want to switch back to reading with Libby, you can tap Manage Loan, then Read With, and select Libby. You can switch between reading on Libby or Kindle as much as you like, but note that your reading progress, notes and highlights won’t sync between Libby and Kindle.

Set preferences in LibbyIn the future, you can skip a few steps by setting Kindle as your reading preference. To do that:

✔️Tap Menu.

✔️Tap Settings, then Read Books With....

✔️Select Kindle.

If you want to go back to individually choosing where to read books, tap “I Have No Preference” in that last menu. This will also reset your reading preferences for your current loans.

Install Libby from the Amazon Appstore

On newer Fire tablets, you can install Libby from the Amazon Appstore. If you have a Fire from 2020 or later (or certain earlier models), this is the best and easiest way to use Libby on your Fire tablet. If you aren’t sure which model you have, Amazon has some quick instructions on how to check.

Sideload Libby on an Amazon Fire

If your Fire tablet can install Libby from the Amazon Appstore, I highly recommend installing it that way. But, if you can't install Libby from the Appstore, you may be able to manually install Libby on your Fire tablet. This Libby Help article has detailed instructions and additional info on sideloading Libby with OverDrive’s APK.

If you sideloaded Libby onto your Fire tablet in the past but want to switch to the app store version, there’s a Libby Help article for that too. It will walk you through creating a setup code and making the switch to the Appstore version.

The end

Libby makes it super easy to read books on your Kindle for free, so a dead battery is never cause for terror, and you can get back to relaxing with some good lore and perhaps a nice glass of Amontillado.

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Published Nov 07, 2022


About the Author

Kyle Lewis is a writer for Libby Life and technical writer at OverDrive. Studying philosophy in college, Kyle developed a particular appreciation for short, clear writing. When not scribbling, he can most often be found reading weird fiction, playing cards, or wandering the metro parks.


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