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We talk with August’s hottest new authors: Adalyn Grace, Alicia Thompson, Anna Meriano, Audrey Blake & Margot Harrison


Oct 05, 2022

August was a month for the A’s (minus Margot!). The Professional Book Nerds (PBN) podcast had a busy month chatting with the A+ line-up of Adalyn Grace, Alicia Thompson, Anna Meriano, Audrey Blake and Margot Harrison about their newly released books. Romance fans and historical fiction buffs, get ready to add to your reading list. Plus, there’s so much goodness for all of the YA devotees, from the sweet and nerdy to a gothic romance.

Listen in for fun and casual conversations including lots of little-known tidbits about your favorite new authors and exactly what inspires them when they sit down to write.

Author photo, Adalyn Grace

Adalyn Grace, author of Belladonna

PBN co-host Emma got to chat with Adalyn Grace about her new book, Belladonna. They discuss where the book title came from (and the sequel!), finding inspiration in music, spicy scenes, Sweeney Todd, anime, book collecting, Hadestown and so much more.

Adalyn is also the author of All the Stars and Teeth and All the Tides of Fate.

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Author photo, Alicia Thompson

Alicia Thompson, author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

Emma is joined by Alicia Thompson, author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers, to discuss the book, the importance of acknowledgements, Paramore’s prime and what it’s like to write spicy, relatable romance.

Alicia is also the author of The Secret Language of Birthdays.

Listen here 🎧

Author photo, Anna Meriano

Anna Meriano, author of It Sounds Like This

PBN co-host Joe talks with Anna Meriano, author of It Sounds Like This, published Aug. 2 from Penguin Young Readers Group. Anna tells Joe about creating characters in the blender method and they share stories from their time in high school marching band.

Anna is also the author of the Love, Sugar Magic series and This is How We Fly.

Listen here 🎧

Author photo, Audrey Blake

Audrey Blake, author of The Girl in His Shadow

Audrey Blake comes on the podcast to discuss The Girl in His Shadow, a Big Library Read global ebook club title! This episode was recorded as part of a live virtual event.

Audrey, the creative alter ego of writing duo Jaima Fixsen and Regina Sirois, is also the author of The Surgeon’s Daughter.

Listen here 🎧

Author photo, Margot Harrison

Margot Harrison, author of We Made It All Up

Joe is joined by Margot Harrison to talk about her new book, We Made It All Up. Margot talks about her inspiration for the book, her fascination with fan fiction, and TikTok, where she gives retro YA reviews as well as shares stories about life with her hippy mom.

Margot is also the author of The Glare and The Killer in Me.

Listen here 🎧

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