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Sep 28, 2022

Hello, fellow book lovers and readers. Welcome to a space where reading is life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a die-hard print fan or a digital maven, there’s no wrong way to read. Even if you’re just getting back into reading or looking to add more into your life, this is your stop for inspiration. Libby Life is here to share in the love of books and reading and to shine a spotlight on the absolute best way to do that: through your local public library.

Every week, you can expect to read about what’s new, fun and interesting in the world of books. Stay up on what’s happening in the literary world with regular updates in the following categories, delivered to your inbox weekly:

Recommended Reads

There are so many great books being released every month, and you can anticipate everything from alerts about the hottest new titles to recommendations for underground indie favorites. Get ideas for your TBR list with seasonal and trending books along with more on your favorite genres and sub-genres.


From political issues and the pandemic to TikTok and technology, there are many outside factors that influence what and how readers read. Explore the impact of what’s happening in society on the books we consume.

Author Insights

Hear from authors about their latest books, what inspires them, why they love reading and much more.

Book Clubs

Stay up to date on title selections for global digital book clubs like Big Library Read and Together We Read, where readers come together to connect with the same book at the same time through their library. Plus, find additional inspiration for your local book club.

Libby Updates and Tips & Tricks

Learn about new features being added to the Libby reading app, which allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks for free from your library. The creators of Libby are constantly making improvements to the experience to make reading and listening easier and more accessible for users around the world. Whether you’re brand-new or a super user, find tips and tricks within the app that can help you customize how you read. Get quick and easy pointers to make the most of your digital reading experience.

Professional Book Nerds podcast

Nerd out in this book lover’s podcast paradise. The Professional Book Nerds deliver weekly author interviews and book chats that dive deeper into literary trends, genres and what everybody’s reading.

Library Love

Everyone has big love for the library. Read stories about local libraries making an impact on their communities and the readers they serve. You can even nominate your library or librarian to be featured in an upcoming post!

On the Road

Book love hits the road! Find news and updates about travels on the Digital Bookmobile and coverage of select library events and literary festivals around North America.

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About the Author

Annie Suhy has been working in the book industry since 2006. When she’s not working, practicing yoga or petting cats, she’s doing paint-by-numbers or buying more plants. An avid poetry fan, her favorite collection is "The Splinter Factory" by Jeffrey McDaniel.


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