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We believe in reading. Whether you choose to read an ebook or prefer the feel of print, listen to stories through Sonos speakers or a CD player, all reading is celebrated here. Books have the power to light up our lives, illuminating new ideas and brightening corners of our imaginations. If books are the light, then libraries are the switch, turning on access, options and a world of possibility for every reader. We hope you’ll see that the best in books and an inextinguishable passion for reading lives here.


Libby Life is here to inspire your love of books and reading. With a regular dose of book recommendations, news on reading trends, insights from your favorite authors and much more, there’s something for everyone. No matter if you’re a romance reader or a fantasy fan, a book beginner or an ardent aficionado, we love talking about books—all books. Here, you can discover how digital reading through Libby, the library reading app from OverDrive, can make your reading and listening even easier and more enjoyable. Get your weekly reading inspiration by subscribing to the newsletter, so you don’t miss a word.


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Published Sep 26, 2022


About the Author

Annie Suhy has been working in the book industry since 2006. When she’s not working, practicing yoga, or petting cats, she’s doing paint-by-numbers and buying more plants. An avid poetry fan, her favorite collection is "The Splinter Factory" by Jeffrey McDaniel.


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